A new beginning

My name is Gabriel, I’m 52 years old and I used to live a life that I wasn’t happy with. After years of working my ass off for others I finally found the courage to take control of my life and make a change. This is my story…

I was a manager in a big company, putting in lots of hours and putting up with a lot of BS. My life was all about meeting deadlines, constantly thinking about reaching targets and often taking heat from the boss. Sound familiar?

My boss giving me orders

The salary was pretty good and that’s mainly the reason why I put up with the long hours and the constant pressure. The problem was that I had dreams and things I wanted to do in my life but I simply could not pursue them because I didn’t own my time. I wasn’t in a position to make my own choices and decisions. I was giving my time away in exchange for a salary and I was watching my days, months, years slowly slip by me without ever being able to fulfill those dreams. I basically wasn’t in charge of my life.

As you get older you gradually become more aware and sensitive about your time and about using it wisely so I had already been thinking of quitting my job and starting something new. Something that would give me the freedom to own my time. I kept postponing the decision because deep down I had fear of leaving the security of a well-paid job. I was basically afraid of leaving that comfort zone. One day, however, I made up my mind.

I remember it was a Wednesday afternoon and I was about ready to go home. My boss gave me a call and asked me to finish a long report and told me that he needed it by tomorrow morning. I had already made plans to go out for dinner with friends that night and now I would have to cancel my plans. Something similar happened a couple of weeks before that when some friends invited me to go on a camping trip that weekend. I really wanted to go but I needed to work overtime that Saturday so in the end I wasn’t able to join them.

“The hell with this.” I thought after hanging up with my boss. “I never have time to do the things I enjoy. This is not how I want to live my life.”

So I finally took the leap. Although I was still full of doubts and fears I pumped myself up and on Monday morning I walked into my boss’ office and told her I would be leaving. Of course I gave her a couple of months notice so they could find a replacement and also to give myself time to prepare and gradually ease into my new life, but that was it. It was a bit scary knowing that I wouldn’t have the security of a fixed income each month but somehow I felt relieved. I felt liberated. Deep down inside I knew that I was doing the right thing and that everything was going to be just fine.

Man looking at the sea feeling liberated to pursue his dreams

As soon as I came down from the initial rush, the thoughts started creeping in my head. But what will I do? How will I make a living? I had some money saved up but I certainly wasn’t rich. One thing I knew for sure is that whatever I chose to do, it had to give me a large amount of freedom and flexibility. It also had to be location independent. Something I could do from anywhere in the world because I wanted to be able to move around and discover new places and experiences. One of my dreams was to travel the world and live in different countries for short periods of time. A month here, a couple of months there. And if I really liked it somewhere I could stay but not because I had to. I had a bucket list that I wanted to start crossing out. Let’s see. Go scuba diving with whale sharks, do a safari in Tanzania, ride a motorcycle around Bali, visit the hill tribes in the mountains of Laos. What kind of job would allow me this kind of freedom?

Deep down inside I knew this had to be some kind of online work. Something that would allow me to move around with my laptop and work from a park or on a beach, in California, Buenos Aires or Prague, in the morning or late at night. Total freedom. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. I was divorced and in no committed relationship at the time, my daughter already graduated from college. Total freedom.

“Online. That’s the ticket”, I thought. “But what can I do online?”

There were different ideas I had been playing with in my mind since I first started considering leaving my job. I thought about lots of different options from consulting to teaching online and even writing an e-book.

Fast forward a few years and here I am today, a free man, living the life I wanted. A simple, yet comfortable lifestyle which allows me to move around freely, do the things I always dreamed of and dispose of my time as I like.

I guess I just wanted to share my story because I know there are lots of people who might not be happy with the 9 to 5, the commute, the boss, and doing something they probably don’t like. I just want to say that there is a way out. The answer is to set up some kind of online business so you can work from anywhere in the world. It takes a bit of time, hard work and dedication but once you’re set up the rewards are well worth it.

In this blog, I want to share ways that you can take over your life, setup an online business and fulfill your dreams. Stay tuned.


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